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Nanomass Corporation

... early start at the Fresno State, Water and Energy Center in 2018. We produce Clean renewable energy (RE) by voluntary replacing fossil fuel (Coal) with our 5G Bio-fuel in power plants. We manufacture bio-fuel using our patented technology. We build and operate a Biofuel processing plants co-located at power plants Statewide in the United States.

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Bio Energy

Manufacturing clean renewable energy via replacing fossil fuel with bio-fuel process from biomass. Biomass as a fuel that is renewable and sustainable source of energy used to create electricity and other forms of power. Biomass is defined as carbon neutral by the United Nations Framework Convention and more recently by the United States EPA.


Investments in clean air, clean energy, clean water, healthy forests, and healthy communities will facilitate the transition away from fossil fuels, reduce pollution, and create a healthy environment.

5G Bio-fuel

Is the 5th generation of bio-fuel processed from woody biomass. It’s a sterilizes dry powder fuel which allows storage and transportation. Grade of the fuel various according to the source and type of the biomass feedstock. It is to date the cleanest carbon neutral combustion fuel on the market.